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Emerald Isle William Yeoward Paint

Emerald Isle William Yeoward Paint

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A brighter tone and our greenest shade of jade. Evocative of the beautiful rain drenched Irish countryside.


Absolute Matt
Our Absolute Matt paint offers a refined, flat, chalky finish for a luxurious matt appearance. Perfect for ceilings, walls, and other interior surfaces in areas of low to average use. only 3% sheen.
The tough, durable finish of our Matt Paint makes it perfect for all internal walls and surfaces where there is moderate to high traffic. Scuffs and marks are easily wiped away using a clean, damp cloth. Matt is the perfect solution in areas where moisture may be an issue and a low reflective finish is required. Only 7% sheen.
Exceptionally tough. Our Eggshell paint provides a luxuriously smooth finish and can be used for all interior and exterior walls and woodwork. It is also great for wet areas, where hygiene is essential, as it offers a high level of resistance to mould and can be easily washed and scrubbed. 20% sheen.

Our Gloss paint is light-reflecting with 80% sheen. This super tough paint quality is perfect for all internal and external surfaces in high traffic areas. This very high mould resistant quality is particularly useful in areas where moisture and grease may be an issue.


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